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The mission of the John Nicolls Group,LLC is to provide the owners of hospitality and other commercial properties expertise and experience of an architect who has specialized in the design of hospitality and other commercial properties for more than 30 years from the stand point of both the operator and the owner.

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Program Management

Getting a new project off to a good start can often make the difference between a project that runs smoothly and efficiently toward it's objective and one that does not. We can initiate a project by advising on the appropriateness and completeness of the facilities program, suggest qualified consultants and contractors, advise on reasonable development, design, construction and FF&E budgets, and establish a project design schedule. Providing supportive, consistent but firm guidance to the design team is one of the most effective ways of keeping the project on schedule and within budget.

Project Management

While the Nicolls Group can provide management services for smaller projects, on large projects it is usually advisable to include an experienced project management firm on the project team to provide the detailed tracking of documents, RFI's, submittals, change orders, schedules and budgets necessary to ensure that the project stays on schedule and in budget. We can recommend qualified project managers as appropriate.

Property Improvement Plans

The Nicolls Group can prepare Property Improvement Plans for owners and potential investors in hospitality properties. In preparing appropriate improvement plans it is essential to respect the brand standards of the property owner, while keeping in mind the business environment that the property operates in. Independent PIP's help the property owner understand the order of magnitude re-investment their property may require. They are also a useful tool to help moderate the often self-serving PIP's prepared by the property operators.

Property Re-Positioning

Over time, properties in good locations can become "obsolete." Sometimes this is because the location merits a higher quality brand. In other cases, the mix of existing facilities must be adjusted to support current market demands, while in still other cases an addition is appropriate. The Nicolls Group can advise on the appropriate facilities for the location to maximize the properties economic potential. It is sometimes preceded by a feasibility study conducted by a nationally recognized consultant. Other times, the feasibility study may be conducted simultaneously or iteratively with a facilities study. Once an appropriate mix of facilities is agreed, the Nicolls Group can furnish a detailed facilities program as well as a high level conceptual budget.


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